Our Work

What We Do

We are looking for opportunities and coordinate ways for high at risk individuals and their families to safely get out of Afghanistan and resettle in a safe country.

How We Work

We have created a form and sent it to climate justice activists based in Afghanistan. With their help, we subsequently reached out to other activists (climate, human rights, women’s rights) who are at high risk in Afghanistan due to the Taliban.  These people filled out the form with their details and explained in detail what situation and how big of a danger they are in.

Many activists are being hunted by the Taliban and therefore, are forced to hide in order to protect their and their families’ lives. We currently have over 1000 people on our list, with around 300 being high at risk people, and still get many emails with more urgent cases.  Therefore we are forced to prioritize depending on who is more vulnerable. The opportunities and logistics of evacuating these activists to another country are coordinated by our Rapid Response team. 

We have on ground contacts that help with the evacuations.


We were able to evacuate 39 people in a month so far. 9 of these people are currently in Germany and will be joined by 2 others who are currently in Pakistan. There are 25 people waiting in Pakistan to move to a third country. 1 person was moved to the US. 

Our Aim + Purpose

Our purpose is to help our fellow activists and their families. Their lives are at great risk due to using their voices to create a better world. These activists have done so much for their communities over the past few years and have made a huge impact on small and larger scales both for the climate crisis and other humanitarian causes. Because of this, the Taliban is currently hunting for them. If they find them and their families, they could be prosecuted or greatly hurt. Our goal is to get these vulnerable people (especially women and children) and their families to countries where their lives will no longer be at risk. 

However, by leaving their home country the evacuees are faced with several obstacles and unknown situations, as Mohamad Navid, an Afghan climate activist we evacuated a few weeks ago, describes in his letter.

Building up a new life in an unknown country is very difficult. Therefore, our purpose/goal isn’t just to support people to get out of Afghanistan but also to support them at their new place to be able to start a new life in peace and dignity. 

The power to save people’s lives is in our hands.

Our main aims are as follows:

  1. Safe evacuation of activists and their families from Afghanistan who are at great risk of being prosecuted or hurt by the Taliban. This includes supporting them in getting their legal documents in order to be able to get to another country and covering the costs of these legal documents and their flights.
  2. Safe resettlement of these people in another country where they are safe. We support these activists and their families in starting their new life. This includes helping them to find safe accommodation. We work with companies and organisations in the area they are being evacuated to. We are also supporting the families we have evacuated to get their children into school in their new countries.

Our Core Team



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